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New Year 2010

New Years was great. Abi and I took the speed line up to 12th street, where we met up with Tyree and made it to South Philly. After walking around in the rain for a good half hour or more, in search of a party on Camak street, we couldn't find it. It was 10 minutes to midnight, then 5, and finally a minute left to the final hour of 2009. We spent midnight on a random street in south Philly, in the rain, with strangers, while I yelled for someone to "Please, please countdown!" In fear that the clock would turn and we would miss midnight, I started counting down from 10, screaming in the rain, 9!, getting everyone else to scream, 8!, yelling to strangers, 7!, throwing my fists in the air, 6!, laughing so loud, 5!...and when we finally got to 1, in a stroke of pure luck, it was midnight. Somehow we counted perfectly into the new year. We found our way to another party on Dudley street. It was filled with bike kids. I saw some people I haven't seen in a while, but for the most part sat on the couch and sipped Pabst. It was a very different, and very pleasant New Year's eve. Hello 2010

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